A place with a rich history

Watergraafsmeer in Amsterdam-Oost is a striking area of Amsterdam with a rich history. In the 17th and 18th centuries wealthy Amsterdam residents built their splendid country retreats in the newly enclosed polder. To live in Park Jeruzalem now is to live in a sedate, leafy neighbourhood with the buzz of the city just around the corner



The original post-war neighbourhood consisted of houses with flat roofs and grey-white walls, which quickly gave rise to the colloquial name ‘Jeruzalem’. The architect of Park Jeruzalem, Heren 5, drew on the style of these homes. Behind the facade the comparisons end: the homes come with every convenience and have room to accommodate your lifestyle.


New homes with a historic flavour

If you cycle along Hugo de Vrieslaan towards Middenweg you barely notice that these homes are newly built. The simply decorated facades with white concrete panels echo the style of the iconic estates. The similarities are plain to see at the rear too. The architect has drawn inspiration from the existing heritage. The positive aspects have been retained and modernised in a sustainable manner.

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