frequently asked questions

On this page you will find a selection of the most frequently asked questions. Should your question not be listed, then you can contact one of the real estate agents.


1. I want to rent a house. What do I have to do?

Step 1: Use the ‘Register now' button on this website for a non-binding registration. You can always change your listed home preference.

Step 2: You will receive an e-mail with which you can create a password. You can then login to your personal home dossier (the iDD). Good to know: your e-mail address is your user name, and you yourself created the password.

Step 3: Under 'My personal information’, fill in your personal and financial details. You will notice the details you have entered in the website’s registration form are repeated here, please check them once again for accuracy. Are you renting with a partner? Fill in his/ her details under ‘ Information Partner’.

Step 4: Go to ‘My documents'. Please upload the requested financial and personal documents. Done? Click ‘Save pervisionally'. Are you renting with a partner? Under 'Documents partner' you can upload his/her documents.

Step 5: Have you changed your mind with regard to your home preference? This is where you can change your preferences, by clicking on 'Change home preferences'. Ready? Are you sure you did not forget to upload any documents? Then send us your registration by clicking 'Files Complete' !

Step 6: All (complete) registrations are checked by our Rental Team. Subsequently, allocation will take place automatically in order of receipt, based on availability and your personal preferences.

Step 7: You will receive an e-mail specifying which house has been allocated to you. Do you accept? If so, you will receive the rental agreement by e-mail (unless otherwise indicated). You can place your digital signature on the rental agreement. Experiencing problems? Do not hesitate to contact the Rental Team.

Step 8: And now it’s a question of waiting until your home is completed and you can pick up the key.  As soon as a date for your home has been set, we will let you know.

2. What are the conditions to be able to rent?

To qualify for a home, a minimum income requirement will be applied that you must meet.

The minimum gross annual income (minus any payment obligations, such as alimony, mortgages, personal loans, etc.) must equal:

1 income: 

- minimum 50x the basic monthly rent at a rental price up to EUR 1,000

- minimum 48x the basic monthly rent at a rental price between EUR 1,000 and EUR 1,500

- minumum 45x the basic monthly rent at a rental price from EUR 1,500

2 incomes:

- a combined minimum of 70x the basic monthly rent (where a minimum of 30x the basic monthly rent per person is the lower limit)

If you want to calculate the maximum that you can rent, use the rental charges calculator. For questions or additional information, please contact the Rental team.

3. How do I calculate my gross annual income?

Paid employment:
Holiday allowance, a fixed 13th month, a year-end bonus and/or a structural profit distribution will be counted with the gross annual income. Flexible bonuses, a flexible profit distribution and/or compensation for a lease car cannot be included as income.

The total annual income from the state pension (AOW) and any supplemental pensions (the most recent annual statements combined).

Independent entrepreneur
The gross annual income will be calculated based on the net operating results.

Own resources
Available assets in a Dutch bank account can be used if you cannot (entirely) meet the income requirement. 10% of the equity capital can be included as annual income.


do you have fixed financial obligations such as repayments on mortgage, loans or alimony? The total annual obligations will be deducted from the gross annual income.

If you want to calculate the maximum that you can rent, use the rental charges calculator. For questions or additional information, please contact the rental team.

4. Why is everything being done digitally?

We are striving to permit the rental process to be carried out digitally to the greatest possible extent. By means of the digital processing, we can respond more quickly and provide you with better support and you can organise everything from home. Naturally we would be happy to speak to you personally and we will help you, both digitally and personally, with finding the perfect home for you.

5. What documents do I have to upload in order to register? And how do I do that?

To qualify for a home, we ask you to upload your documents when you get started with registering.

Important tips regarding your privacy:

  • Indicate on all documents “COPY dated (current date), for rental homes ‘Park Jeruzalem’

  • Black out or remove your BSN number on all documents (wage slips, annual statements, tax returns, etc.)

We will only request documents that are applicable to your working and living situation. You can only upload PDF, PNG and JPG files with a maximum size of 32 MB. Be sure to upload clear and legible files. If a document consists of multiple pages, combine all of these pages in one PDF.

Unfortunately, documents cannot be delivered by e-mail or as hard copy by post

 If you have questions regarding the privacy of your data, read our privacy statement in the bar at the bottom of the home page of this website.

6. Which documents should I upload in the digital file?

Paid employment

- Recent employer's declaration (not older than 1 month
- Wage slips from the past 3 months
- Bank statements with the salary deposit for the past 3 months


- Annual statements from the past year (state pension, supplemental pensions, benefits agency)
- Copy of the bank statement with the pension payments/benefits payments from the past 3 months

Independent entrepreneur

- Balance, profit and loss account from the 2 most recent years (prepared by an accountant)
- Forecast 2018 (prepared by an accountant)
- Recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce (no older than 1 month)

Own resources

- Bank account daily statement (from a Dutch bank account)

Owner-occupied home

- (Provisional) deed
- Annual mortgage statement
- Mortgage covenant
- Extract from the municipal personal records database (Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie, GBA/BRP)

Rental home

Landlord's notice
- Extract from the municipal personal records database (Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie, GBA/BRP)


-Extract from the municipal personal records database (Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie, GBA/BRP)

Only complete files will be processed, so be sure to double check your file! Unfortunately, without the required appendices, we cannot process your registration.

If you have questions regarding the privacy of your data, read our privacy statement in the bar at the bottom of the home page of this website.

7. Why must I provide these documents?

To determine whether you satisfy the specified income requirement, we need your personal and financial information. With these documents, the rental team will carry out a credit check. We rent homes in the free sector. Therefore, a regular, steady income and a good payment history is important. Our test follows the guidelines of the NIBUD, the Dutch National Institute for Budget Advice.

8. How will Bouwinvest handle my details?

Bouwinvest collects and processes your details when you visit our website and/or register for a rental property via our website. We process data in order to meet our obligations as landlord and to do what we do as best as we can, in accordance with applicable laws. Do you want to know more? Please read our privacy statement.

9. How will the homes be allocated?

Based on the income requirement, home preferences, availability, completeness of your registration and an identity and credit check specified for the home, the homes will be assigned to the most suitable candidate by order of receipt. If muliple applications arrice at the same time, there will be a draw. If there are multiple registrations at te same time, there will be a draw.

10. Will I be required to pay registration costs or brokerage fees?

You will not be required to pay registration costs or brokerage fees.

11. When does a deposit apply?

A guarantee deposit of 3 months applies if:

- the income partly consists of private equity;
- you are self-employed, a director or shareholder;
- you have come from abroad and a credit check is impossible;
- you have a temporary employment contract;
- you do not meet the income requirements as stated by Bouwinvest;
- you are in your probationary period of an employment contract for an indefinite period.

12. What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 12 months and will be tacitly extended to a rental agreement for an indefinite period. The notice period is one full calendar month.

13. Will I also pay service costs in addition to the rental price?

No service costs are charged for the properties in Park Jeruzalem.

14. What are the monthly fixed costs?

Along with the rental price and any service costs, you must take into account a number of other fixed costs. Your individual costs for electricity, heating and water depend on your consumption. This also applies for TV, Internet and telephone.

Additionally, you as a renter will pay taxes, such as water taxes, waste levies and so on. For the costs of insurance for your household effects and liability, we refer you to your insurance advisor.

15. Can another person guarantee performance on my behalf?

Unfortunately, a guarantee by third parties (such as your parents) will not be accepted.

16. Can I rent a home as a student or with roommates?

No, sorry! You can only rent a property if you meet the specified income requirement, with a maximum of 2 incomes considered a joint income. And there must be a family situation or a partnership (if you rent with 2 or more persons). So, you cannot rent with a classmate or friend.

17. Can I apply for a housing benefit?

It is not possible to apply for a housing benefit for homes in the private sector. You can only apply for a housing benefit for social rental homes with a maximum rental price of EUR 720.42 (price level 2019).

18. What are the finish materials of the homes?

Download the PDF of the finished condition here for more information on the finished of the kitchen and bathroom.

19. Will there be a parking space available as part of my residence?

No, in the district you can park public on the street. A parking fee therefore applies. 36 addresses can be granted a parking permit by the municipality.

The following addresses are not eligible for a parking permit:
- Hugo de Vrieslaan 43
- Flammariontsraat 10
- Fibigerstraat 4
- Fibigerstraat 14

20. Can I view the homes?

 At this moment, hard work is being done on the houses, for safety reasons it is therefore not possible to enter the building site independently. We will talk to the contractor at a later time to discuss the options for a possible viewing day. If there is more clarity about this, we will inform you about this via the website and a newsletter.

21. What type of heating will come into the homes

All houses are fully equipped with underfloor heating. There is also an electric towel radiator in the bathroom.

22. When will the residences be available?

The prognosis of completion is January of 2020.  No later than 4 weeks for the delivery is the key transfer, we will inform the exact date to the tenant.

23. How do I log in my personal account (iDD?)

 Once registration has been started on the website the link 'login' appears at the top, on the right.

24. When will the residences be rented public?

The registration starts on June 12, 2019. This registration is open until June 26, 12:00. You will be informed whether you have been assigned a home by 5 July at the latest.

25. Who is the owner of the rental properties?

The rental properties of Park Jeruzalem are part of the Bouwinvest Residential Fund. Bouwinvest is one of the largest independent asset managers specialized in real estate. They do this for various Dutch pension funds. They have over 16,000 free sector rental properties throughout the Netherlands. For more information, visit